Thursday, February 27, 2020

Should government be involved in sports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Should government be involved in sports - Essay Example There are key variables in sports, each of which plays a fundamental role given the desired outcome of the industry. There are arguments for or against government’s involvement in sports. However, the determining factor of government’s involvement in sports lies within the relationship between the stakeholders involved. Since time immemorial, governments have always had an upper hand in promoting sports. My position is that government should actively be involved in sports. Government involvement is a usual activity across different components of the nation. There are different roles played by the government in the light of promoting social welfare, thus, the need for interventions from time to time. The government operates under set goals and objectives with the primary principle being to maximize benefits to the population that puts it in place (Houlihan, 2007). For this reason, the government cannot concentrate on some components of its governance and ignore others. Sports are equally important to every direct or indirect participating person. The importance of sports is felt across all levels of different states. These are social, economic and political levels. The need for rules, regulations and laws in sports necessitates government’s involvement. Sporting activities are set in the context of rules and regulations. Numerous sports agencies are set up every now and then. There is a need to regulate and control such bodies in order to maintain an orderly society. The formulation and implementation of bills purely rely on the government. Such law making processes are not limited in scope, and therefore rules and regulations that pertain to sports lie in that docket. On the same note, the occurrence of disputes in the sports industry cannot be refuted. Responsible departments set to deal with these disputes may not always resolve them. The government therefore comes in through its instrumentalities and provides a resolution. Stewardship is

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