Monday, February 10, 2020

Slingshot Video Reflection Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Slingshot Video Reflection Assignment - Essay Example Drag racing are not only fun to watch but also more engaging when one take it seriously from a mere spectator to a participant. I may not be a drag racer myself but I have been to one of the races and I can relate to the adrenaline and â€Å"high† that the racers could feel in drag racing. Our need for speed will always be there and this fascination for speed was the motivation of the growth of drag racing from a mere small number of slingshot dragsters to a major grandstand spectator event with all the sponsors and media exposure. Drag racing however did not start as big as it is now. Upon watching the video, it only had approximately 300 spectators with a meager price of $10. I was not however surprised with its humble beginning. Reflecting on it, almost all sports and endeavors started small and this includes drag racing which started from its slingshot beginnings. With the commitment of its early organizers such as Bob Joehnuch and the support of its spectators, the sport eventually grow to become a major grand spectator event. Its history as it unfolded in the video took a regular course of having the fascination with cars fueled by the strong economy of the United States after the Second World War where enthusiasts had the money to customize high speed cars which were still slingshot cars during that time. And just like any sports, spectator or hobbyist magazines that recorded outstanding came out that supported the sport. And to make the sport mainstream and acceptable to everybody, regulating bodies we re organized such as the 1951 National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) that provided the guidelines of safety for drag racing making the sport acceptable to all and eventually grow to become a grandstand spectator event not only in its country of origin in the United States but also elsewhere in the world. Thinking about it, there was really nothing extraordinary about the history of drag racing from its slingshot origin to its present state. In

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